What if my promotion code isn't working?

Aside from our apologies, because we know how frustrating that can be, here are some troubleshooting tips!

General:   Our system requires you to be logged in to checkout.  For any promotion you're trying to apply but are getting an error for, double check that you're logged in.  If you're not logged in when applying it, it won't recognize the code . 

E-Gift Cards and Physical Gift Cards: Promotional codes do not apply to the purchase of any Gift Cards.

Promotions with rules:  This can be a variety of things, but reasons range from needing to hit a certain order total for the discount to apply, or only certain items being eligible for the deal.  If the code is not working, double check what the rules are make sure items in your shopping cart meet that.  

Promotional code from a third party website:  There isn't much we can do about this, unfortunately.  In most cases, those codes leaked to sites without our approval.  Unfortunately, we can't provide backup codes in those circumstances.  

Using two codes:  Sadly that won't work, since only one code can be used per order.  It may not be giving you an error, but it will remove one of the two codes.  We recommend using the promotion with the best discount -- but you already know that! 

If you still believe the code should be working, contact the Ninjas letting us know what the promotion code is and the We will be there to help!


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