What if I need to change my order's Shipping Address?

You have two easy options!  Your preference!

Option 1: Both courier services have online portals for changing your shipping address. If your order shipped via UPS, enroll in a free service called UPS My Choice, where you can reroute your deliveries to another location yourself through ups.com or the UPS app, even if your order has already shipped.  It's free to reroute to a UPS Access Point, costs $5 p/package ($40 annually if you make a lot of online purchases) to reroute to another location. If your order shipped via FedEx, enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager,
 where you can change the delivery address to either a FedEx location (for free) or to another address (for $14).

Option 2: Reach out to the Ninjas at 1-877-294-7737, or via email, as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to change the address before it ships. A phone call is always the quickest way to make sure we can update the address before it ships!

Please be sure to include the relevant order number along with your correct shipping address.