Bonobos Fit Guide & Size Charts

Overall, we offer five different fits in our pants: Tailored, Slim, Straight, Athletic, and Relaxed. Please note that not all pants are available in all fits. 

Here's a quick rundown:

Tailored: Our narrowest fit in the seat and upper thigh with a distinct taper from the mid thigh down.

Slim: Trim, but not tight, in the seat with a moderate taper from the mid thigh down.

Athletic: Roomy in the seat and thigh with a distinct taper below the knee for a fitted look.

Straight: Trim, but not tight, in the seat with a leg that stays straight from the mid thigh down.

Relaxed: Roomy in the seat and thigh with a leg that stays straight from the mid thigh down. Link to Article

You can find specific information about fit and in-depth sizing charts on each item's specific product page. For example, on the page for the Stretch Washed Chinos, you can see links in blue under the sections for Pant FitPant WaistPant Length, and Pocket Liner. Each of those links gives further information.

If you click on the "Find your waist," you'll get this message:

And if you click on the "Find your length," you'll get this one:

Any of the sizes & fits for other specific items can be found by clicking the blue links on their pages! Link to Article

Each product has an inside label with detailed washing instructions. Please pay careful attention to these instructions as they are specifically written to ensure lasting quality of your Bonobos clothing. 

For most of our products made from cotton, the washing instructions are straightforward: wash with like colors in cold water and tumble dry on low, or air dry. Certain products may require more specific care - check the label inside first before washing!

As long as the prescribed care instructions for each item are followed, your Bonobos clothing should maintain their great shape and fit after washing.

Two Ninja tips:

For suits/blazers, definitely make sure to dry clean only!

For our Daily Grind shirts and our Weekday Warrior pants (and any products given a wrinkle resistant treatment!), it's particularly important to machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Do not dry clean these clothes! Our production team has determined that the chemicals used by most dry cleaners do not interact well with the wrinkle resistant treatment on the Daily Grinds and Weekday Warriors.

If you have questions or concerns about specific items, feel free to contact a Ninja. We're always happy to help!   ​ ​
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Our suit jackets are half-canvased . The layers of canvas lining extend down beyond the pecs and stop at the first button on the jacket - which makes it a somewhat longer half-canvasing than you'd find with other brands.

The machine that lightly stitches these layers into place is ultra sensitive and imitates the handwork traditionally performed by a tailor. The only fusing used is to reinforce sensitive, high stress areas such as where the pockets are attached to the jacket's body. 
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We at Bonobos are thrilled to begin offering many of our products in extended sizes. We put a lot of focus into every part of this launch, because it's another step towards truly offering a fit for every man. Still, we realize this is our first attempt, so we are eager to hear any and all feedback. If you've got something to say about our new sizes, send an email to

What are the new sizes?

We're going up to size 54 for suits, blazers, and tuxedos, waist size 54 for chinos, dress pants, and belts, XXXXL in tees, polos, sweaters, and short and long-sleeve button-downs, and 22x39 for dress shirts. Since we're just starting out, the inventory or color selection for some of these styles may be limited.

I've got something I want to say about the new sizes.

Doesn't fit quite right? Want to see the sizes available in a different product? Looking for a size we don't yet offer? Like one product detail but hate another? We want to hear everything you've got to say. For any questions or suggestions about the future of Extended Sizes with Bonobos, send an email to

Can I try on the new sizes?

Any orders for these items conform to our normal return policy, so domestic orders qualify for free returns and exchanges. If you would like to try some of these items in person before making a purchase, feel free to visit your local Guideshop Location. The following locations have sizes for the full assortment of this program. All other Guideshop Locations will have size runs for Stretch Washed Chinos, Washed Button Downs, Jetsetter Dress Shirts, and Jetsetter Blazers.

900 Shops, Chicago
Alpharetta, Avalon
Bethesda, Bethesda Row
Boston, Back Bay
Dallas, Knox-Henderson
Greenwich, Grenewich Ave
Houston, River Oaks District
Los Angeles, Century City
Minneapolis, North Loop
Nashville, The Hill
NYC, Fifth Ave
NYC, Madison Ave
Philadelphia, King of Prussia
Philadelphia, Walnut St
San Francisco, Union Square
San Jose, Santana Row
Scottsdale, Scottsdale Quarter
Seattle, University Village Link to Article

All of our pants feature a curved waistband to better reflect the natural shape of your waist. These measurements are applicable to our Dress Pants, Suit Pants, and non-iron Weekday Warriors.

All of our suit pants come 37" unhemmed, and our wool dress pants come in 34" inseam (for waist sizes 28" - 33") and 36" inseam (for waist sizes 34" - 40"). Cotton and linen dress pants come in 30", 32", 34", and 36" inseams.

If you'd like to know more about what fit is right for you, read about our different fits here.

Check out our fit story here!

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Our Jackets and Blazers fit similarly across styles. Our Jackets and Blazers are designed to be tailored and polished. They are offered in three fits, Standard, Slim and, Athletic, with three different lengths, Short, Regular and Long. 

Slim fit is narrower through the chest and waist with a noticeable taper, and a smaller armhole and shoulder width.  

Standard fit is a classic fit: trim but not tight, with a slight taper toward the waist.

Athletic fit is tailored with extra room for defined builds. The V-shaped silhouette matches the body's shape with a broader top and slight taper.

Long ("L") and Short ("S") blazers will measure 1.5 inches longer or shorter in body length and 1 inch longer or shorter on the sleeves than a Regular ("R") blazer.

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The Blue Jean and Travel Jeans are a great option for a denim that will feel broken-in right out of the box. Both are woven with a tiny bit of stretch to accommodate your fit immediately. They are cut exactly the same so your sizing will be consistent between the two. The biggest difference between The Blue Jean and the Travel Jeans is the types of washes and rinses used on them to give them their finished colors. 

The Premium Stretch Jean is a classic construction and weave, making it ideal for those looking for the feel and finish of a more traditional pair of jeans. They do have a tendency expand up to a full size with wear because of the type of denim utilized. We generally recommend you sizing down from your normal Bonobos size when purchasing The Premium Stretch Jean. 

Selvage Denim refers to denim fabric woven with classic machines in a classic style. A single thread is woven through the fabric leading to a self-generated edge (hence the "self-edge" or "selvage", which can be seen on the outseam of our selvage jeans). The denim tends to be sturdier and carries the history of being made the same way for generations.

Summer Weight Jean is a lightweight American Cone Denim® that stays cool and comfortable in the warmer weather. Like The Blue and Travel Jeans, the Summer Weight Jean is woven with a bit of stretch to feel comfortable and broken-in right out of the box.  Link to Article