What are the measurements of your Premium Dress Shirts?

Our Dress Shirts (the Daily Grind, the Americano, the Tuxedo Royale Shirt) are sized based on the neck circumference and the sleeve length.

If you're skinnier than most guys, get the Slim Fit, or get the Slim Tailored if you like an even closer fit. When measuring your chest size (at the biggest part of your chest), the chest of your shirt should be between 2 and 6 inches larger than that of your body.

If you do not know your neck and sleeve sizes, you can have them measured for you or measure them at home. Your neck size is measured just below your Adam's apple with one finger between the tape and your neck (the tape should not be tight around your neck). Measure your sleeve by running the tape measure from the center of your back, along your shoulder, and down to the soft part of your palm (just above your first pinky knuckle). 

  • Sleeve "Tall" shirts will measure 2" longer in the sleeves and 2.5" longer in the body.
  • Sleeve Length will be 1/2 inch longer than sleeve size selection. (15x34 shirt will have 34 1/2 length sleeves.)


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