What size/fit should I buy in your Casual Button Down Shirts?

Our Casual Button-Downs (and Unbutton-Downs) are offered in three fits, Standard, Slim and Tailored:
  1. Standard: Fit for most builds.
    • Chest/Sleeve: A Classic fit. Trim, not tight.
    • Waist: Slightly tapered to prevent billowing.
  2. Slim: Fit for those who prefer a slimmer cut. Our most popular fit.
    • Chest/Sleeve: A narrower fit.
    • Waist: Tapered to prevent billowing.
  3. Tailored: Fit for leaner builds. Our slimmest fit.
    • Chest/Sleeve: The narrowest we offer.
    • Waist: Our most pronounced taper.
When ordering, it is always safest to go with your normal t-shirt size (either at Bonobos or other brands).

When you're comparing the measurements below to the measurement of your chest size (at the biggest part of your chest), the chest of your shirt should be between 2 and 6 inches larger than that of your body.

For our Long shirts, please add 2.25" to the body length and 2" to the sleeve length.

For our Short shirts, please subtract 1.75" from the body length and 1.5" from the sleeve length.

Check out our fit story here for a visual guide!

Please note that not all Casual Shirts are offered in all fits.

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