What are the measurements of your Bonobos Blazers and Suit Jackets?

Our Jackets and Blazers fit similarly across styles, though the fit represents a slightly slimmer and more tailored answer to the boxy suits many of us are used to. You'll want the chest circumference of the suit to be 3-5 inches bigger than the size of your chest measured just below your armpits, where your chest is its fullest.

Slim Fit suiting is the best option for guys who find themselves to be skinnier than most guys. Slim fit suiting is a about an inch narrower in the chest and the top part of the sleeve and 1.5 inches narrower in the waist.

Long ("L") and Short ("S") blazers will measure 1.5 inches longer or shorter in body length and 1 inch longer or shorter on the sleeves than a Regular blazer.


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