Bonobos Denim Jean Materials

The Blue Jean and Travel Jeans are a great option for a denim that will feel broken-in right out of the box. Both are woven with a tiny bit of stretch to accommodate your fit immediately. They are cut exactly the same so your sizing will be consistent between the two. The biggest difference between The Blue Jean and the Travel Jeans is the types of washes and rinses used on them to give them their finished colors. 

The Premium Stretch Jean is a classic construction and weave, making it ideal for those looking for the feel and finish of a more traditional pair of jeans. They do have a tendency expand up to a full size with wear because of the type of denim utilized. We generally recommend you sizing down from your normal Bonobos size when purchasing The Premium Stretch Jean. 

Selvage Denim refers to denim fabric woven with classic machines in a classic style. A single thread is woven through the fabric leading to a self-generated edge (hence the "self-edge" or "selvage", which can be seen on the outseam of our selvage jeans). The denim tends to be sturdier and carries the history of being made the same way for generations.

Summer Weight Jean is a lightweight American Cone Denim® that stays cool and comfortable in the warmer weather. Like The Blue and Travel Jeans, the Summer Weight Jean is woven with a bit of stretch to feel comfortable and broken-in right out of the box.