Why should I download the Bonobos App?

In today's ever-changing world, it's important for companies to jump up on a box in the middle of Times Square and shout things like "We have an app!" But, usually that app doesn't really do anything...

Enter the Bonobos app, the app that does literally EVERYTHING (and when we say literally, we mean it in the figurative sense). Anything you can do on our website, you can do on the app - plus a few extra features just for our mobile-savvy customers! (One note - the app is currently for iPhone users only.)

Two great reasons to download the App: fine grained Push Notifications and the Closet feature.
Push notifications:

If there's something that mobile phone owners everywhere love, it's push notifications - you know, those little windows that tell you when you get a text, an email, or that a celebrity has left the house wearing sweatpants. You'll find that our push notifications are a lot like the ones you're accustomed to, except that ours are actually useful. Check them out below:

Sign up for whichever you'll find useful. One of our favorites is the "Order Status" notification which does some pretty swell things like let you know when your package is delivered or when our warehouse has received your return. It's no space program or electric car, but we think it's pretty cool.

The closet feature of the App allows you to quickly scroll through everything you've ever purchased from us, with the ability to remove things which you no longer have or gave as gifts. You can filter your search by category (Tops, Bottoms, Outerwear, and Accessories), and each item will include size & fit details (no more wondering about the neck size on that dress shirt you bought 4 years ago!). Additionally, your closet will contain any Saved items that you've flagged to come back to.

Additionally, using our Outfitter feature, you'll be able to use the closet to build new outfits based on the products you already own!