What is the App's Outfitter tool and how do I use it?

Tired of spending a painstaking hour each morning looking at color swatches, crossreferencing the weather, and calling your coworkers to make sure your outfit won't clash with theirs? So are we! That's why our amazing tech team put together the state of the art Outfitter tool.

The Outfitter tools puts together personalized outfits for you based on the dress code you select, the weather, and your personal preferences. When you're logged in to the app, we can use your past purchases to help gauge which things you'll like!

Build outfits around any of your purchased items in the Closet, check it daily for a personalized Daily Outfit, or use it while shopping for suggestions on how to wear & pair some of the new items you're browsing.

Once you open the Outfitter, you'll have lots of options. Using items you already own and/or suggested items from our site, you can swap out some of the items and keep others; you can swap out all the items for a whole new outfit; you can change the dress code and/or weather; and you can save items for later and/or add them to your cart.